If you are new to the contact lens wearing universe, know that you are not alone. At any given time, 45 million Americans are living, working, and relaxing in their contact lens. It can be a foreign concept, placing something strange on your open eye and leaving it there while you go on with your day. Feeling uncomfortable about the whole situation is completely normal.

If you’re anxious about the new experience, we’re going to share our top tips for first time contact lens wearers.

  1. Relax and Form a Habit: One of the hardest things about getting started with contact lenses is forming a habit. You need to remember to take them out at night, even if you forgot that you put them in. One great way to do this is to set an alarm on your phone that goes off when it’s time to sleep, carrying a message that reminds you to remove your lenses. With SimplifyEyes 1Day, since you simply dispose of the lenses, you can drop them in the garbage, sit back, and relax.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Although our lenses come with natural moisturizing properties, your body is still in charge of keeping your eyes hydrated. That means doing your best to stay hydrated and drinking lots of water will keep your eyes from developing dry and itchy sensations that will make wearing contact lenses incredibly irritating.
  3. Do Not Borrow Lenses: If you forget to bring your new pair of lenses with you for the next day, please refrain from using a friends or some substitute. Your eyes are very delicate and have been specially examined for your contact lenses. Contact lenses are not something that can be shared between people – especially for hygienic reasons.
  4. Listen to Your Doctor: Your eye doctor is a doctor for a reason – they know what’s best for you and your health. Whatever they tell you do, however long they tell you to wear the lenses, and any other kinds of instructions, please follow. Eyes are not something you want to tamper with; they are too critically important to be brushed to the side. Coming up with your own eye care regime is not recommended.
  5. Keep Up with Your Subscription: Since our unique disposable lenses don’t require upkeep, solution, or cleaning, instead, be sure to stay on top of your subscription with us. We mail you your contacts whenever you need them, helping to ensure you never go a day without them. If you are unsure about your next delivery, feel free to contact us at any time!

SimplifyEyes 1Day
SimplifEyes 1Day provides a new kind of contact lens wearing experience. Unlike competitors, which require significant maintenance and care, with SimplifEyes 1Day all you have to worry about is taking your lenses out before you go to bed and packing your new pair for the morning – that’s it! We’re determined to help you simplify your life, one pair of disposable contact lenses at a time. It’s a perfect solution for a new contact lens wearer.